We have been selling new and used, QUALITY desktop and laptop computers for decades. We currently have some terrific Dell core i5 Optiplex desktop PC’s with Windows 10 pre-installed IN-STOCK and available for immediate pickup. These are very fast and SUPER RELIABLE PC’s. We also offer an SSD Upgrade option on these computers which actually makes them about TEN TIMES FASTER! They boot in seconds and respond almost instantly.

These computers rarely have problems, but in the event that they do, you receive a generous 3 month warranty on these ex-government PC’s and should you require parts outside of the warranty period, they are readily available and these computers are amongst the quickest and easiest to service in the world.

Give us a call on 0409 240660 to secure one of these little beasts for yourself. Yes, they are not only POWERFUL but are also COMPACT and look terrific too!