Laptop Screen Repairs Central Coast

Laptop Screen Repairs & Replacements on The Central Coast Fixed price laptop screen repairs, laptop repairs, laptop replacements and technical services on The Central Coast Is your  laptop computer screen smashed or cracked?  Is your notebook computer giving you bad video display or unknown errors? Have you accidentally dropped and cracked your laptop screen? Are [...]

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We fix Apple MAC desktops and Macbooks as well as Windows based Computers

Let it be known that a good deal of the computers that we are asked to evaluate and repair are APPLE MACINTOSH computers. We specialise in iMac and Macbook SSD drive upgrades and screen repairs. You will not believe just how much faster replacing the hard drive in your MAC based computer with an SSD [...]

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Laptop Keyboard and Screen Repairs are our Specialty

I doubt anybody on the Central Coast has been repairing computers as long as we have. Since the 1980's Dean has been providing high end I.T. services, repairs, sales and updates. The fact that we own this domain name gives you some idea as to how long we have been selling computers for online. These [...]

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Computer Repairs Central Coast

Computer Repair Did you know that Dean and the team at F1 Internet Services not only build and supply computers, but can also REPAIR, UPGRADE, REBUILD and fix common problems such as VIRUSES & MALWARE. We even have some great solutions to dramatically increase the speed of your EXISTING PC (5 – 10 times) with [...]

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